Exclusive to Metro Games

Exclusive to Metro Games is the indoor entertainment industry's first, Portable Mobile Arcade Cabinets - GameStation.

GameStation is a new arcade game concept, which converts any video game systems like PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and XBox 1 into a super arcade game machine.

The GameStation is a slim, compact and mobile super arcade game machine loaded with great features. It comes with a 32” High definition monitor capable of playing excellent games with razor sharp graphics, while the 2.1 sound system and powered subwoofer immerses the player in any game.

It offers players the opportunity to relive the arcade experience with authentic arcade components and construction. With its slim design at only 24” deep, the GameStation is a great addition to any Fast Food Restaurant, Cinema Floors, Supermarket, Shopping Mall, Cyber/Internet/Games Cafe, and fully fledged family entertainment games arcade because of its small floor space footprint.

GameStation offers the Ultimate Flexibility. It can be configured for pay-per-use where players purchase tokens to play or free play depending on deployment mode. All excellent Playstation / XBox games such as Football/Soccer, Driving, Fighting, Shooting and Adventure games are supported.